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Welcome to Pattilicious where you will find stylishly presented, traditional authentic Caribbean bakery products and dishes with a British twist. Alternatively you will find stylishly presented, traditional British dishes with a Caribbean twist. Our food represents a delicious fusion of both British and Caribbean foods.


Plan ahead for your catering needs over the Valentine season and remove the Stress!


We can help:

• You don’t have to have a shop or a business to buy our British Caribbean bakery products at wholesale prices!

Click Here to receive the wholesale price list


• Are you entertaining? Having a party, family coming to stay. We can help you to prepare some or all of your dishes / meals.

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7″ Gift Wrapped Fruit cake £15

For when you are visiting friends and family over the festive season or simply as a gift for you!




Fresh Homemade Natural Juices £2.50(500ml)

A range of delicious juices made using both fruit and vegetables. Homemade using natural ingredients.


Small Festive Hamper (£18)

(Incl. 4” Rum Fruit cake, Small Hard Dough Bread, Small Spiced Fruit Bun, 500ml Ginger Beer, 5 Patties)


Large Festive Hamper (£33)

(Incl. 7” Rum Fruit cake, Large Hard Dough Bread, Large Spiced Fruit Bun, 2 x 500ml Ginger Beer, 10 Patties)


If you would like to make up your own hamper please contact us to discuss your requirements.




Caribbean Breads

Caribbean Breads

Spiced Fruit Buns

Spiced Fruit Buns